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About Engels Nephrology center

On February 2, 2015 on the basis of City hospital No. 1 of Engels the Department of program hemodialysis was opened. Hemodialysis is a method of extra-renal blood purification in acute and chronic renal failure. This method of treatment is lifelong.

Hemodialysis sessions are held 3 times a week for 4 hours. Initially, the Department was equipped with 8 devices "artificial kidney" German company B. Braun, which was designed to provide specialized medical care to 48 patients. However, as a result of the first year, it became clear that the need for assistance is much greater. In this connection, it was decided to build a specialized medical center.

In June 2016, a hemodialysis center equipped with 30 artificial kidney machines of the German company B. Braun was put into operation. The work of the hemodialysis center is organized in 3 shifts. At the moment, 120 people are being treated in our dialysis center. These are residents of Engels and surrounding areas. Our center has been developing dynamically since January 2019 of the Department of conservative Nephrology.

Legal address: 6D Vesennaya str., Saratov region, Engels, 413116.
Phones: 8 (845-2) 34-56-61; 8 (845-2) 25-75- 31
Website address: https://nephrology-center.ru
e-mail: dialys2016@yandex.ru
e-mail: nephrology.rus@yandex.ru

Why patients choose us

Complete list of drugs

Here you will find everything you need for quality and effective procedures

New centers

We are building new dialysis centers within walking distance

laboratory control

All of the products and techniques of procedures are multi-stage quality control

High quality

We Provide the highest quality of the performed procedures

First blog post

Like any self-respecting company, we started a blog. After all, the world must know what is happening - a photo of an office cat, a new batch of goods or the expansion of services provided. If You think that customers already know everything, then I assure You - they already read the blog of a competitor and, with a high probability, are touched by a very different mustache-striped. Don't miss them!

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Not too lazy and wrote the text of the second record

It was hard. I had to overcome laziness, procrastination and force myself to write the second text. TES not the least, it was worth it! As you can see, this is the second entry in our blog. In other words, we can say that the trend is more than positive! It remains to defeat themselves and continue in the same spirit.

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Yes, there are already three entries!

Yes, we are blogging! And, as you can see, we get - on the site for three news. I assure you, we will not stop there. Let's write the fourth, fifth, and sixth. And if it goes well, then the seventh and eighth. However, something we split up, you need to first make a site.

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8 (845-3) 51-59-88
8 (845-2) 25-75-31